Google Penalty Recovery Services

Removal of sanctions by search engines is a service that is aimed at identifying the causes of a site getting under the filter and eliminating them in a short period of time.
The site is subject to sanctions if you:
Traffic dropped sharply
Instant drop in traffic from organic search in one of the search engines.
Significantly decreased index
Significant decrease in indexed pages in search engines Yandex or Google.
Positions sagged
Anomalous sagging of positions on key queries for> 20-30 indicators.

Stages of removing a site from a filter

1. Identify the reasons for the sanctions
2. Filter definition
3. Sanctions lifting strategy
4. Work plan
5. Conclusion from the filter / sanctions
The first step is to determine why the site was under the filter. We look at what work has been done recently, which could affect the loyalty of search engines. To do this, we need access to web analytics. Common Causes of Sanctions:

Publishing non-unique content - reoptimized texts;
- A sharp increase or decline in external reference mass;
- wrapping up behavioral factors;
- An abundance of advertising elements, etc.

Knowing what search robots do not like, we can develop a strategy to improve the situation.
In the course of the analysis of the project, we identify the filter under which the site fell. It could be:

Panda - struggling with substandard materials on the site;
Penguin - an analogue of Minusinsk;
Manual sanctions - here the reasons may be different.
After defining the filter, we develop the right sanction removal strategy. The specific actions depend on the type of filter applied, but the general scheme looks like this:

- analyze the changes on the site that led to the sanctions;
- We work out ways to solve the problem;
- We actively communicate with the technical support staff of the search-system, if necessary.

A successful strategy will return targeted traffic, line items, and conversions.
At this stage, we draw up a work plan and prescribe specific actions to bring the site out of the search engine filter. The algorithm depends on the type of sanctions applied, the operations that led to them. If the problem is in the content, we:

- we look through all the texts posted on the site, check them for compliance with the requirements of the PS;
- we draw up TK for new content (performers can be on your or our side);
- publish materials and send pages for reindexing.

When the reason is in the links, we:

- unload all the links that lead to your site;
- analyze the sources;
- remove links from bad donors, in return we find high-quality ones; send pages for reindexing.
After all the manipulations, we send a request for confirmation of the lifting of sanctions to the technical support of the search system. In response, a letter arrives with a notification of a positive outcome, a message about the use of filters disappears in your account.

Success Results:

- return to previous positions;
- traffic normalization;
- restoration of the number of indexed pages.

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We will identify problem areas and determine the growth points of the project in organic search!
We will carry out work that will allow local businesses to increase profits from a search engine!
We will formulate a strategy for promoting links based on analysis of competitors. We will carry out work to build a quality link mass!
Remove sanctions from the Google search engine!
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The cost of removing the site from the filter

The cost and timing of removing a site from the filter depends on the type and level of sanctions of search engines.

Frequently Asked Questions

⚙ How to understand that the site fell under the search engine filter?
⏲ Dates of withdrawal of the site from sanctions.
✈️ How much does the lifting of sanctions cost?
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