Case Study: promotion of an online store of bicycles and bicycle spare parts

Increase sales from scratch in 3 months of work on a project
Project Subject: online bicycle and bicycle shop

Promotion Region: Ukraine

Period: 3 months

Startup Budget: 7000 UAH

Current budget: 5000 UAH
Problems at the start
A narrow range of products.
The domain was registered in 2015, but the client was not particularly concerned with the site. There were very few goods on the site, in addition, the site was on the engine, which significantly limited the functionality. Then, following the recommendations, the client transferred the site to ImageCMS and began adding products.
Lack of technical optimization.
  • There were technical errors: duplicate pages, garbage pages in the index of search engines, the absence of a robots.txt file, unfilled Description on all pages of the site.
  • Zero reference profile.
  • Lack of texts and optimized metadata.
The main task is to increase website visibility and conversion in a short period of time.
Rapid increase in visibility.

Increasing the visibility and number of phrases in organic search.
Carrying out technical optimization.
  • tuning analytics systems;
  • connection of webmasters panels;
  • setting goals;
  • customization of robots.txt and sitemap.xml files;
  • elimination of duplicate pages.
The collection of the semantic core and the development of the site structure.
  • H1 metadata and header optimization;
  • preparation of technical specifications for writing texts on categories, the introduction of texts.
Link profile extension.
  • placement of eternal links;
  • crowd marketing;
  • article promotion.

1. Increase in referring donors

2. Increase in search traffic

3. The increase in conversion

If the site has zero indicators at the start, and the site does not have optimization, then even in a competitive niche you can achieve positive dynamics in a short time.
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