Case Study: promotion of an online store for fishing products

How to increase the flow of organic traffic during off-season using basic optimization
Project Theme: goods for fishing

Promotion Region: Ukraine

Budget: 5000 UAH
Problems at the start
Weak technical site optimization.
Young domain.
Missing Reference Weight.
Lack of internal optimization.
Narrow site structure.
The main objective is to increase search traffic and sales through the SEO channel.
Site structure and semantic core development
Work was done to collect the semantic core of the site, after which priority categories were selected and agreed.

Based on the existing semantic core, new metadata and headings were compiled for the main categories of the site. For product cards, metadata and header templates were compiled and implemented.
Troubleshooting technical errors
The analysis and elimination of the following technical errors of the site was carried out:

  • Work was done to configure the main site mirror
  • A new robots.txt file has been created to indicate site indexing in search engines.
  • The sitemap.xml file is generated and added to the Google Search Console.
  • The analysis and elimination of duplicate pages.
  • Customized CNC for all pages of the site.
  • Pagination pages are configured by implementing the prev and next attributes.
  • Fixed all broken links by closing pages in robots.txt and setting redirects.
Link building.
Work was carried out to analyze the reference mass of competitors, on the basis of which a strategy was developed to increase the link mass of the site.

During the analysis, the ratio of anchor and non-anchor links of competitors' websites was obtained and high-quality donors were identified.

Link building was done using:

  • Adding a site to Google Business;
  • article promotion;
  • eternal links;
  • crowd marketing.

1. The increase in referring donors

2. Lower cost to attract a visitor through the SEO channel (CPC)

3. Increase Search Engine Traffic

4. Conversion increase

5. Seasonality Requests

Proper development of the site structure, basic technical and internal optimization, and a competent strategy for increasing the link mass of a young site as a result of this increase in organic traffic by 4 times in the off-season and increase in conversion.
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