Case Study: website promotion flower delivery

Effective promotion with an integrated approach: 2-fold increase in traffic for 6 months
Project Theme: delivery of flowers, bouquets of fruits and sweets

Promotion Region: Kharkov

Period: 7 months

Startup Budget: 8000 UAH

Current budget: 6000 UAH
Problems at the start
High percentage of site failure (about 50% on Google).
Weak commercial and behavioral factors.
Underdeveloped textual factors.
Most categories are outside the top 20.
The main task is to increase the position of RF requests and the amount of organic traffic to the site.
Site visibility in April, before starting work.

A number of positions were in the top 10, including high-frequency queries, such as "flower delivery Kharkov."
Collected the semantic core.
Optimized metadata and texts.
Conducted a basic technical audit.
Made recommendations to optimize commercial and technical factors.

1. Work with texts

In some situations, basic optimization of textual factors was enough to get the first result:
Subsequently, individual adjustments were required. An example is link building using quality donors and commercial optimization for a specific category. As a result:
However, for other categories, text edits were not so effective.

What problems have we encountered?
1. Incorrect relevance.
Many categories clashed with product cards or other categories.
What they did to fix:
- We worked on metadata and texts on product cards.
- Added thematic entries in the names of cards.
- We began to build link mass with anchor links.
2. URL.
Categories whose URLs were more responsive dragged relevance to landing pages. The elaboration of entries or the difference in the listing did not help to rectify the situation. Therefore, it was decided to optimize the landing page with the most appropriate URL.
This decision gave the result.
3. The homepage continued to be considered a relevant page for inappropriate requests.
Those product cards that could be viewed on the main page, when interacting, displayed part of the text. Because of this, the page code contained many inappropriate entries. The cards changed in a chaotic manner, so the optimization of the texts was not effective. The client programmer could not solve this problem, disabling the cards on the main one could worsen the page ranking for high-frequency queries.
4. Inconsistent changes to the programmer and innovations by the client.
For example, the inclusion of a multilingual version of the site and its inclusion in organic issuance. As a result, multiple duplicates and pessimization.
Из-за подобных ошибок менялись позиции как главной страницы, так и других категорий:
We dealt with the first two problems, points 3 and 4 were more difficult, we continued to work on them. The third problem was approached on the other hand, the procedure is described below. The fourth was helped by constant monitoring of the situation and the exclusion of error pages from the output.

2. Optimization of weak commercial and behavioral factors

Certain recommendations — for example, the implementation of filtering pages on a site — were implemented, but a number of other important changes were introduced either slowly or not at all: expanding the listing in certain categories, optimizing product cards, etc.
Tasks at this stage:

1. A detailed analysis of Yandex Metrics and Google Analytics services. The goal is to establish user behavior: their priorities, failure reasons, viewing areas, etc.

2. A page analysis of competitors to compare the advantages and disadvantages of our and other sites.
As a result, we introduced a number of less costly and quickly implemented edits:

- The transfer of important information to the areas of the site with the most views.
- The development of a snippet, which displays the benefits. The strongest are placed at the beginning to increase audience reach from mobile devices.
We doubled organic traffic:
Click cost per visitor:
We continue to implement the recommendations provided earlier
and increase audience reach.
Even selective site optimization with limited capabilities brings results. But this approach is time consuming. To get effective promotion in the shortest possible time is only possible with an integrated approach.
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