SEO Audit Services

Search audit of a site is a service that is aimed at identifying and solving website optimization problems, as well as identifying project growth points in search engines.
Why do you need website SEO audit?
Already engaged in promotion, but no traffic and sales?
We will evaluate the quality of optimization on the site.
We will identify weaknesses and opportunities for the growth of the project in organic search.
We will provide an effective strategy for website promotion in search engines.
You have a young website and you do not know where to start the promotion?
Explore a niche and evaluate competition. Let us analyze the current state of the site. We provide ready-made solutions for quickly launching the site and getting the first customers.
Any doubts about the current promotion strategy?
We will analyze the previously completed work to promote the site. We provide the growth points of the project in organic search. We'll adjust our further strategy in order to increase traffic and conversion through the SEO channel.

How do we conduct site audit?

1. SWOT analysis of the project
2. Technical analysis
3. Content audit
4. Analysis of external optimization
5. Web analytics
A SWOT analysis involves identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a project, its capabilities and threats to developing an online business.

The main task of the SWOT analysis is to assess the current state of the site and identify opportunities for the rapid growth of the project. This is the starting point for building the right website promotion strategy.
We will check whether there are errors on your site that prevent it from successfully promoting in search engines.

If technical errors are identified, you will receive detailed recommendations for resolving them.
Content audit is an assessment of the information content of site pages. It includes the analysis of text areas:

- meta tags: Title, Description;
- "bread crumbs";
- headers H1;
- occurrences of requests in the listings of goods;
- analysis of texts on the main pages of the site.

After conducting a content audit, you will receive a list of recommendations for improving the content on your site.
External optimization analysis is a check of the current link mass of a site.

Main goals:

- determine the growth dynamics and the number of backlinks;
- evaluate the quality of the placed links to your site;
- analyze the external anchor list.

When auditing an external link mass, we analyze competitors, which allows us to evaluate the quality of their link profile, and build an effective strategy for promoting link factors based on the data obtained.
Web analytics is a list of actions and tools with which you can collect data about visitors to your site.

Web analytics tools allow you to evaluate the quality of current traffic, conversion rate, user actions on your site. The main task is to find growth points to increase site traffic and sales using SEO.

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Other services

We will identify problem areas and determine the growth points of the project in organic search!
We will carry out work that will allow local businesses to increase profits from a search engine!
We will formulate a strategy for promoting links based on analysis of competitors. We will carry out work to build a quality link mass!
Remove sanctions from the Google search engine!
Increase the profit of your online store in organic search!

Website Promotion Cost

from 500 $
- Business card site
- Corporate website
- Online store of narrow subjects
from 1000 $
- Large portal
- Price aggregator
- Internet hypermarket
from 700 $
- Information site
- Website for the sale of services
- Online store

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